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Bon Secours Healthcare

Co.Kerry, Theatre Recovery

David Doyle Electrical Ltd contract including for the complete electrical installation for a new Theatre Recovery Suite, at the Bon Secours Hospital in Tralee Co. Kerry.

The Recovery Suite works were completed in a LIVE hospital environment, so particular attention was paid to Noise, Dust etc.

The new installation included Distribution, UPS, IPS, Medical Traunking, Emergency Lighting, LED IP65 Main Area Lighting, Data, Cardiac Call, Emergency Call, & Fire Alarm.

A new UPS / IPS system was supplied and installed to the Theatre Recovery as part of the electrical contract, for power supply to the essential equipment, at the 8 no. bed head medical trunking locations. The UPS /IPS shall be N+1 redundant system with the UPS and isolation transformers located in the plant room, and the dual IPS distribution boards located in the Recovery Suite.

2 No15KVA UPS system were supplied to BS EN50091 to be provided to support the relevant IPS systems. The UPS battery must be capable of supporting the load for 60 Minutes. The UPS and Battery will be installed in the plantroom. Batteries are to be mounted on an Open Rack adjacent to the UPS. The UPS system shall include:

  • A static bypass and output control module for full system rating Battery Bank complete with isolators to provide the autonomy at above full rating.
  • A Maintenance bypass facility
  • Provision for the option of remotely monitoring the status of the UPS through IP
  • A UPS mounted LCD Panel with Mimic Graphical display


Each IPS system shall be a fully independent stand alone Single Isolated Power System (SIPS).

To ensure absolute physical, electrical and electronic independence, “multi-channel” systems shall not be accepted. Each SIPS shall incorporate the following components:                                  

  • 1 No Steel Enclosure
  • 1 No Integrated Insulation Monitor and Automatic Earth Fault Detection System (EDS)
  • 1 No Webserver with TCP/IP functionality (standard network connection required)
  • 1 No Low Inrush (≤8 In) Medical Isolation Transformer (8.0kVA)
  • 1 No 125A Main Isolator
  • 12 No   20A “B type” DP Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)                                        
  • 1 No Load current Transformer
  • 1No Equipotential Earth Bar Terminals for Remote Alarm & field wiring
  • 1No Thermostatically controlled ventilation fan
  • 1 No Ventilation filter

Bon Secours Healthcare
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