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Celebrating 24 years in business!

David Doyle Electrical - Expertise through Experience since 1993

Exceeding expectations each and every time, David Doyle Electrical delivers quality and expertise in every project.

David Doyle Electrical is a Leading Electrical Contractor with a long established reputation for delivering quality projects throughout Ireland. Our reputation for quality Electrical Installations is borne out by the number of repeat orders from clients satisfied with our company’s performance.

Providing client satisfaction is the key to securing repeat business and that is why we at David Doyle Electrical, work tirelessly to provide proactive, innovative and flexible solutions to all projects. Our highly experienced team has extensive knowledge in the healthcare, commercial, industrial, educational, residential and civil engineering sectors, and has completed projects from minor electrical works to major construction projects.

We are fully committed to ensuring that the highest standards of workmanship are maintained on all projects, which is why we pride ourselves on the personal attention given to each project by the company directors.


David Doyle Electrical has extensive experience in managing, engineering and executing Electrical, Data, Commercial, and Manufacturing Business Units.


David Doyle Electrical is in operation since 1993, and we are proud of our fully qualified and Safe Electric approved technicians who have unlimited experience and provide our clients with the best service.

Health & Safety

Doyle Electrical recognises the prime importance of people and their health ensuring that all of our health and safety policies are strictly adhered to. Both management and employees strive for a safe working environment for both themselves and for persons who may be affected by their activities.

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