Bon Secours, Tralee

The Bon Secours, Tralee Contract provided for the complete L.T. Electrical Installation for the Stores Building, Site Services, Interfacing and works within the existing hospital.

The installation included:

  • UPS
  • L.T. Switchgear and Cabling
  • Lighting
  • Power Distribution
  • Fire Alarms
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Motive Power
  • Data Cabling
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Essential Supplies and Power/data Wiring to equipment, communication services and access control systems
  • ANPR Camera (Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Camera)
  • and Barrier Installation linked back to the main hospital reception.

DDEL provided the following as part of our installation.

UPS System: Supply, installation and testing of all necessary components required for the complete Uninterruptible Power Supply Installation to supply the existing IPS equipment. 

A 15KVA UPS system has been supplied to BS EN50091 and is to provide support to the relevant IPS systems. The UPS battery is capable of supporting the load for 60 Minutes. The UPS and Battery have been installed in the plant room. Batteries are mounted in an enclosed cabinet within the plant room.

Distribution: Supply and Installation of a new sub distribution board complete with all protective devices. Supply & Install a new sub mains cable to link the new extension into the existing hospital Main Distribution Board.

Fire Alarms: Fully addressable Fire Alarm System to IS3218 & the Fire Officers Requirements. Disable Refuge alarm & disabled toilet alarm system linked back to the main hospital reception.

CCTV Installation: A closed circuit TV system was supplied and installed and commissioned by a specialist Contractor as part of this contract. The CCTV cameras in the building were terminated in a new 16 way digital recorder in the existing reception area and 3 no new monitors were supplied located here also.

Door Access Control System: A new PC Based Door Access Control system was installed throughout the new extension which was linked back to the main hospital reception.

ANPR & Barrier Installation: 2 No. Faac 620 Rapid Type barriers with 4 metre booms were installed at the new employee entrance. The new barriers were linked back to the main hospital reception, which enabled an override facility for security purposes.

1 No Vehicle Recognition Camera Model No: EL – ID 1. CC 1R 16mm 6-10 range.
The new ANPR Camera was linked back to the main hospital communications room and integrated to the existing camera software. All cameras are compatible with existing system

Cat 6A structured cable system complete with patch panels, cabinets has been terminated, tested and commissioned as part of the electrical contract. Fibre Links & Fibre Splices were provided for integration from the new building to the existing hospital communications room.